With its unique architecture completely new in this region, this residential building with a high standard of habitation is extraordinary in every possible way. With bold design and top-notch implementation, this project is situated in the most beautiful part of Senjak, on a south-west oriented, sunny hillside overseeing Košutnjak and Hipodrome. „Residence Puškinova“ represents a new landmark of an elite city district.

Architecture that leaves no one indeferent!


1.   Residence Puškinova
2.   Topčiderska Zvezda
3.   Sheher Restaurant and Cafe Bar
4.   International School of Belgrade
5.   Deutsche Schule Belgrad
6.   Ecole Française de Belgrade
7.   International Nursery School
      of Belgrade
8.   Careva Ćuprija Restaurant

9.   Sport Academy Senjak
10. Senjak green market
11. Museum of African Art
12. Radison Blu Hotel
13. Ada Bridge
14. Mostar (Highway intersection)

15. Rustique Restaurant

16. Bizu Restaurant

„The freedom of residing“ is the ultimate goal of the architect and can be recognized in dominating panoramic glass walls, the feature that give you the sense of being one with the surroundings while your stay indoor remains very pleasant. Constant play of light is present in every single detail, translucent banisters without rigid carriers, limits and barriers in space, pillars or other obstacles hindering your view. ...This is the space of free flow of energy and light.

According to some, one of the greatest architects in history, Frank Lloyd Wright, skillfully used the esthetic of concrete in his masterpieces. Stanislav Fiala brings back that forgotten experience in the best possible way. Concrete has very special place in his internationally famous and acclaimed opus. By emphasizing its esthetic, topological features, the architect brings new life and decorative character to concrete. Using innovative formwork techniques, the artist channels centuries of wood memories thatformed it, and imprints them in his creation.